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A chain of hotels situated in the prime tourist locations of Abottabad, Naran and Balakot, accessible and complementing the breathtaking sceneries and spots beyond, Hotel Demanchi makes sure you have a premier place to stay while scrolling through the many beauties of KPK.

Top quality rooms
Beautiful scenery
Customized tour packages
Peak seasons and off seasons rate differentiation
Breakfast and closeness to restaurants
Ease of connection to tourist attractions

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A gateway to the incredible Hunza via the Babusar pass, located in the lovely town Naran of the breathtaking Kaghan Valley, a popular tourist attraction in the Manshera district of KPK, our Naran hotel is guaranteed to provide a base from which to cover the entirety of mild yet majestic Hunza, including the pristine lake of Saif -ul- Mulook.
A town deeply entrenched in culture, rebirth and history; this particular valley of KPK boasts a glorious climate complete with unbelievable scenery. Our hotel will serve as a comfortable viewpoint as you comb through the various tourist landmarks such as the lakes Ansoo and Payee, Lulusar National Park, Makra Peak and Dudipatsar trail.
A capital city of the Abottabad district in the chilly Hazara region, our hotel in this prime location offers a hotspot from where to cover the many intricacies of this region of KPK, namely the lively waters of Samundar Katha and Harnoi Lake, or have a trip to any popular tourist hotspot such as Shimla Pahari Park or Lady Garden Public Park.
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