A gateway to the incredible Hunza via the Babusar pass, located in the lovely town Naran of the breathtaking Kaghan Valley, a popular tourist attraction in the Manshera district of KPK, our Naran hotel is guaranteed to provide a base from which to cover the entirety of mild yet majestic Hunza, including the pristine lake of Saif -ul- Mulook.
A town deeply entrenched in culture, rebirth and history; this particular valley of KPK boasts a glorious climate complete with unbelievable scenery. Our hotel will serve as a comfortable viewpoint as you comb through the various tourist landmarks such as the lakes Ansoo and Payee, Lulusar National Park, Makra Peak and Dudipatsar trail.
A capital city of the Abottabad district in the chilly Hazara region, our hotel in this prime location offers a hotspot from where to cover the many intricacies of this region of KPK, namely the lively waters of Samundar Katha and Harnoi Lake, or have a trip to any popular tourist hotspot such as Shimla Pahari Park or Lady Garden Public Park.
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